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In this guide I will explain to you what Neobux is all about and how with a little bit of patience and commitment you can make some extra spending money. I felt the need to write this because I myself read a ‘strategy guide’ before I signed up that made it sound like a gold mine. However, I quickly found out that the example stats they had given were completely improbable. Therefore, in this guide I will be completely honest based on my experiences. I will also link to forum posts and other sites that helped me learn to give them the credit they deserve. So let’s begin....

What is Neobux?

Neobux is what’s known as a PTC site, a ‘paid to click’ site. As well as a paid to do various other jobs site. What this means is that they pay you to click on sponsors adverts, complete offers, watch videos, download apps or complete mini jobs. Neobux is a well respected site that has been operational for over 5 years now, always paying out to its hard working users.

How to approach your first few days

To begin with you will be making very little and this is where most people fall at the first hurdle. The first two weeks are crucial and require your full commitment, after this time things get a little easier. Some points to consider when you first sign up:

  • You must be active for the first 72 hours or your account will be suspended (this means logging in, and click a few ads just to be safe).
  • You will then be temporarily suspended if inactive for 30 days.
  • And permanently suspended if inactive for 60 days.

When you first sign up you will be a standard member. There are various levels of membership but we will come to them later. You can invest your own money to speed things up, but this guide will help you progress with no investment at all. It is entirely possible to earn a good amount with no investment, it just takes longer.

Once you’ve signed up you need to click on ‘view advertisements’ at the top of your home screen and click every ad you see every day for the first two weeks. This is important as you can’t receive direct referrals (people who have signed up using your user name) until after you have been a member for 15 days and clicked 100 ads. Direct referrals are a good extra earner though can be hard to acquire. Send friends and relatives your sign up link (under ‘banners’ in the left menu panel on the home screen) or post it in forums. But only do this after 15 days.

Ways to earn - Advertisements

There are different kinds of ads with varying payments. Here is a short explanation of them.

  • Orange ads (Pay $0.001 per click) - These ‘fixed ads’ are the most important. As a standard member you will have 4 of them each day. Click all 4 every day. They are used to keep track of your activity (shown by the graph on the home page) and are very important when it comes to rented referrals. (more later).
  • Grey ads (Pay $0.001 per click) – These are ‘micro exposure’ ads.
  • Purple ads (Pay $0.001 per click) – These are also called ‘fixed ads’.
  • Green/Blue ads (Pay $0.015, $0.010 or $0.005 per click) – These pop up randomly throughout the day. Each one adds to your daily activity graph and as they pay more they don’t hang around very long so click them when you see them.

Each of these ads have a ‘progression bar’ at the bottom of the page when you view them. This will fill up and go green when the ad has verified. You can then close the ad after you’ve already been paid. In your settings menu you can also set up an ‘adalert’ tool that lets you know when a new ad has appeared. You may also notice an ‘adrize’ sign after you’ve been clicking ads. This is displayed at the top of your page and lower down on the advertisements page in the green box. Basically, for every ad you click you get 3 adprize chances, so after clicking all your ads each day you may have 60-70 ad prize entries or more. Clicking on these just loads more ads, then you click ‘next’ and another ad loads. You don’t have to click the adprizes (you don’t get paid for doing so) but you could win cash prizes, neopoints or golden memberships. Your adprize entries will expire after 90 minutes from when you viewed the ad that gave you them.

Adprize’s available each day:

  • One golden membership
  • $0.25
  • $0.50
  • $1.00
  • $2.00
  • $5.00
  • $10.00
  • $25.00
  • $50.00
  • 10 Neopoints
  • 100 Neopoints
  • 1000 Neopoints
  • 10,000 Neopoints

You will mostly win 10 Neopoints or maybe $0.25 as there are more of these available. I once won $5 though. Obviously the more ads you click the more chances you have. Don’t expect to win every day though, maybe you’ll win something once or twice a week if you click every adprize entry.

So that is the type of ads you’ll encounter, let’s look at some other types of ways to earn on Neobux....

Ways to earn - Mini Jobs (located under offers at the top of the page)

This is what sets Neobux apart from other similar sites. These mini jobs are CrowdFlower jobs, given out by the crowd sourcing company CrowdFlower. You may need to create a CrowdFlower account to do some of the jobs. It’s a good idea to create one anyway. Just click on a job and it may ask you to log in or register.

These jobs pay you a few cents for each completion and then once you reach $1 from combined jobs Neobux gives you a bonus of 12% (12 cents). This bonus along with the fact that Neobux gives you the highest pay for CrowdFlower jobs of any other site makes it a very attractive site. Once you are registered with CrowdFlower you can go to your account with them (known as the dashboard) and complete skills tests to unlock new jobs. New tests will pop up now and again.

The most popular jobs that are frequent and pay well are as follows:

  • ‘Casino jobs’ (17, 10 or 8 cents per job) – These involve using google or bing to find a casino website. They tend to appear in the early hours of the morning, but quite a few do stay around for most of the day. You will need to install either the jobs own 'bookmarklet' or Crowdflowers on browser app. Both have instructions on how to do so within the job. These jobs offer a little extra each day, though they can come and go between months with no warning.
  • ‘Fisher jobs’ (17, 10 or 8 cents per job) – These are almost identical to the casino jobs and often even have the same job name. You follow much the same process except you search for a certain company. Very repetitive but easy.
  • Regular surveys - There are often high paying surveys that appear on the Crowdflower mini jobs. These can pay anything from a few cents to a couple of dollars. They are however often restricted to Crowdflower users who are level 2 or 3.

You will find various other jobs that you like that come and go.

Ways to earn - Neocoins (under offers)

This area contains five offer walls. Here you can complete surveys, watch videos, download apps and complete sign ups. The Neocoins you earn go into ‘pending’ and are credited to you fully after 30 days of completing the offer. Once you have a certain amount you can cash them out for real dollars, added to your main balance. The more Neocoins you have the more dollars you can cash them out for. For example:

  • 2500 = $2
  • 5000 = $5
  • 10,000 = $11
  • 20,000 = $24
  • 30,000 = $39
  • 40,000 = $56
  • 60,000 = $90
  • 80,000 = $128
  • 100,000 = $170

As you can see, the more Neocoins you have the better the conversion rate. I only watch all the videos each day and do a sign up offer if I see one I trust. So far I have 16,000 Neocoins. Some advice:

  • Be wary of offers asking you to download software, it may contain malware. If you want to do it then use a sandbox program such as Sandboxie. That way you can open your browser and download/install within the sandbox. Keeping it from your computer.
  • A few videos each day can add up over time. Just click play and continue your browsing on another browser or tab, you don’t need to watch it. Token ads often has videos each day.
Ways to earn - Neopoints (under offers)

These are similar to Neocoins though there is only one offer wall and they can’t be converted to cash. Neopoints can be used to recycle rented referrals or saving 30,000 of them gets you a golden membership. Again you can watch videos, complete sign ups and downloads or download apps to your iOS or Android device.

So where are we now?

Now you know a lot of the basics of Neobux. You can click ads each day, watch videos, complete offers and mini jobs to make a small amount of extra cash each month. A good number of direct referrals can add to this too. If you are happy with this then by all means continue earning, but if you’d like to reinvest what you’ve earned for potentially bigger gains then we need to enter the world of rented referrals....

Now you know the basics and how it works. Click here to join Neobux and jump straight in, or continue reading about how referrals work and how you can develop your own strategy.
My Latest Stats
neobux guide
June, 2015
Golden member with 1398 referrals

Average referral daily income is $8.4

$3734 earned, $587 from mini jobs plus $128 bonus

neobux guide

neobux guide
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